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Curried Lambda

2022-11-29 A little about little languages
2022-03-01 Software Design for Flexibility: a review
2021-12-30 Yet more site updates
2020-08-09 Small update to site
2019-01-20 Adventures in account deletion
2019-01-10 Timestamps, GNU autotools, and repositories
2019-01-04 Book review: Retro debugging
2018-06-25 Massacring C Pointers
2018-05-07 Book review: The puzzling empathy of debugging
2018-03-25 Book review: Formalizing debugging
2018-02-04 Book review: From intuition to methodology in debugging
2018-01-15 Book review: On battle scars and debugging
2017-07-22 Reading through "Software Engineering Essentialized", Part I
2017-05-16 A lament for the mainframe
2017-01-24 Technology Alone
2016-10-07 Defusing a C compiler bomb
2016-09-25 Software development at less than 1 millihertz
2016-09-14 Fun with security questions
2016-08-21 Mainframes as a lifestyle choice
2016-05-15 My personal Lisp rejuvenation
2016-02-04 Battlegames of the past
2015-01-03 Why I quit OS X
2014-08-03 What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL
2014-08-02 An experience report on the social theorem of web services
2013-12-22 A social theorem of web services
2013-12-18 My Twitter account was hacked. Thanks, Adobe!
2013-10-17 Science and business
2013-10-16 Theory and practice (prelude)
2013-10-15 Taking notes

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