Laziness is your fault

The Racist, Exploitative History of ‘Laziness’ (Yes, it's a Medium link. Sorry.)

Full of great stuff.

One powerful way the country’s enslaving class attempted to justify enslavement and coerce enslaved people into working hard was through religious teachings and indoctrination. A productivity-obsessed form of Christianity evolved from the older, more Puritanical idea that work improved moral character, and it was pushed on enslaved people. This form of Christianity taught that suffering was morally righteous and that slaves would be rewarded in heaven for being docile, agreeable, and, most important, diligent.

And remember, if you don't make it, it's because you didn't work hard enough.

The wealthy and highly educated began to claim that poor Whites also couldn’t be trusted with “idle” time. In fact, too many breaks could make a person antisocial. Propaganda from that time often claimed that if the working poor weren’t kept busy, they would resort to crime and drug use, and society would run amok. Laziness had officially become not only a personal failing but a social ill to be defeated — and it has remained that way ever since.

Relying on others, or even thinking that you didn't do it yourself, is a sin.

Much like the parents I’ve seen discouraging their children from giving money to homeless people, many Americans believe that generosity, compassion, and mutual aid are “wasted” on the lazy. Furthermore, if we believe the world was created solely by independent people, we may come to think that there’s no need for us to be interdependent and compassionate. We may even come to see relying on other people as a threat to progress.

I hate this fucking attitude.

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