Food truck festivals are overrated

I went to a food truck festival today and while I want to support local events and try some different foods, let's face it: these food festivals are overrated and generally not worth attending.

When you go to these things, they are usually held in a public park or some field where there is little tree cover. The trucks aren't staffed with many people (they can't be, really) so this means there are long lines and long waits. The end result is that you stand in the sun for quite some time.

Then you get to the food. If you are attending such an event, one would hope you're going to try something new. Most of the time you can't see what it is you're getting and you have little time to talk to the proprietor, so you gamble on the sparse description or the idealized photo depiction of the entree. You are, of course, hoping that it will be decent.

This is only made worse by the prices. They are generally exorbitant. You can expect to pay twenty dollars to get something like a small sandwich. Now, I'm not one demanding large portion sizes (we should have smaller ones, frankly), but $20 for a small wrap is a bit much. Especially after standing in the sun for what was likely well past fifteen minutes.

If you made the mistake of going with someone and splitting up to get different meals, you are in the unfortunate situation of likely waiting for your partner. This means your food is getting cold (unless it's meant to be cold, in which case it is getting warm). Assuming everyone is going to eat together, someone is going to have a tepid meal (bet on soggy fries) and you will, with high probability, be sitting at a grungy table previously occupied by slobs.

You can wash it all down with a ten dollar lemonade.

-- Geoff (