Software archiving for fun, and not much else

Recently I helped clean out the office of someone who had passed away. They were a bit of a hoarder and there was a lot of software lying around. There was enough interesting stuff that I just grabbed almost all of it and brought it home to archive it.

I spent today copying most of the DVDs, CDs, and floppies that I obtained. I also decided to archive some CDs of my own that I have had for a while.

The list of things I have is kind of interesting.

I also have a bunch of drivers for modems, printers, and various other things. Maybe the neatest things were unopened Internet connection kits from the 90s. I opened them and copied all the diskettes, including AOL and CompuServe connection disks. There was even a custom version of Mosaic in there.

A couple of the kits came with decent sized books that describe how to connect and browse the Internet. I'm going to read them at some point and see what amusing predictions are there.

I've taken a picture of all the disks and will be scanning the inserts for software that came with them. Some of the interactive learning CDs from nearly 30 years ago may be fun to check out.

Above you might have noticed the "Microsoft Windows 95 Interactive Demo & Sampler". That one is a bit of a catch. It needs Windows 3.1 to run, but you can browse the media on it easily enough. It has a promo video called "Windows, by Bill Plympton" on it that I've never seen before.

I don't even know what some of this stuff is and really, it doesn't matter. Preserving it is a fun side project.

-- Geoff (