Online shopping from someone who hates shopping

I was looking for a new desk. You'd think that wouldn't be too bad. Turns out you'd be wrong.

I was considering an L-shaped or corner desk, given how I want things to fit in my home office space. I'd also prefer to get something made locally (or close to it) and something that's pretty solid.

I can find those things, but not in a decent size. Sadly, most desks I've found are monsters. The dimensions are sometimes mysterious, too. Seeing a spec sheet would be nice. Also, is the desk riser attached to the top? The description on the page is probably vague and you may have to sign up via email to get any more info.

Furniture shopping with augmented reality sounds like a decent use case. I suspect any such app would track everything I do and send the map of the living space to some central server.

In the end, I rotated my table desk a bit to get the orientation I wanted and will get or find some side table to fill the void. I'm not gonna buy a new desk.

The cats are entertained by the new layout, at least.

-- Geoff (